About The Returning Silence


In my mid-thirties I began to hear a quiet sound in my left ear, which was hardly noticeable at first, but over the next few months, the sound gradually grew louder. I went to my doctor who examined my ear and told me it was probably the result of a build-up of wax. The noise in my ear was still there when the wax was removed, so my doctor referred me to see an ear, nose and throat specialist at a London hospital. Several hearing tests and ear examinations later, the cause was inconclusive and I was diagnosed with tinnitus in 2008. The doctors told me that I would have tinnitus all my life and it would get worse and it could not be treated.


On one December evening in 2009, I had happened to browse the Internet in the hope of finding answers or treatments. When I had looked online several times before, the only information that I found was about coping strategies and how to live with the condition of tinnitus, but it seemed to me I would die with this condition if it became any worse. However, on this particular occasion, David Corr's website appeared at the top of the search. I had never thought of hypnotherapy before and knew nothing about it or how it worked.


Having seen the media's portrayal of hypnosis, I was sceptical about the treatment, but I had nothing to lose, so after contacting David Corr and explaining some of what I had been going through, it was a pleasant surprise when he offered me an appointment to see him in January 2010. I did not know it then, but this would be the first small, but crucial step on the journey to full recovery from tinnitus. It also sparked a love and deep respect for hypnosis and for the incredible teacher that I found in David Corr whose ordinary appearance betrays the genius he has demonstrated he is. David's unique understanding and approach to the subconscious was the start of a long and incredible journey to permanent silence.